Crystal ~ B~ Correspondences
Barite Anxious, Communication, Conserve Energy, Immune Problems, Obstacles, Relationships, Rituals, Spells, Stress
Beryl Psychic Awareness, Relationships, Energy, Protection against gossip.
Black Jasper Healing, protection. Specifically black jasper - banishing
Black Onyx Negativity, Stress and Grief Relief. Happiness, Good Fortune, Morality, Increase Stamina and Self Control
Bloodstone Balance, Business, Abundance, Confidence, Centering, Grounding, Calming, Courage, Mental/Physical/Emotional Renewal, Confidence, Strength, Control.
Blue Calcite Astral Projection, Balance, Fear, Joy, Lightness, Stress
Blue Holley Agate Aid to vivid dreams
Blue John Secrets of the earth.
Blue Kyanite Calm, Dispelling anger and negativity. Communication, Meditation, Psychic awareness.
Blue Lace Agate Peace, Tranquility, Calmness, Creativity, Abstract thinking, Protection
Blue Topaz Money, Attracting Love, Relieves negativity.
Botswana Agate Creativity, Healing, Mood Lifting, Eliminating Toxins, Comforting. Also known as the "Change Stone"-Helps one handle change in a positive way. Eases the pain of loss and loneliness. Soothes depression, Protect.
Blue Celestite Angelic Realms, Clear Perspective, Detachment, Divine Inspiration
Crystal ~ A~ Correspondences
Aventurine Atrracts Prosperity and Money
Aventurine Orange Creativity, Motivation, Decisiveness, Amplifies leadership qualities.
Actinolite Balance, Harmony, Patience, Self-worth
Adamite Courage, Emotional Issues, Inner Strength, Problem Solving, Prosperity
Adularia Clairvoyance, Divination, Guidance, Health, Intuition, Longevity, Soul Searching, Soul Travel, Wealth
Agate Overcoming Envy, Well-being, Balance, Clarity, Courage, Courage, Creativity, Energizer, Fertility, Good Manners, Growing Plants, Happiness, Healing, Health, Intelligence, Longevity, Making Friends, Prosperity, Protection, Restoration Of Energy, Strength, Support, Truth, Ward Anger, Wealth
Agnitite Life Force, Purify, Spiritual Light
Agrellite Confidence, Distant Healing, Independence, Potential, Self-Respect
Alabaster Clarity, Composure, Forgiveness, Meditation, Mental Balance
Alexandrite Courage, Forgiveness, Good Fortune, Happiness, Sexual Powers, Success
Alum Ill Wishes, Protection, Purification, Ward Negativity
Amazonite Success, Truth, Honor, Communication, Trust. Enhances Intuition, Creative Ability, and Psychic Ability, Balance, Harmony, Hope, Thinking
Amber Wisdom, Gappiness, Balance, Infection, Lift The Spirit, Physical strength, Self-confidence, Will power, Positive Energy, Longevity.
Amethyst New beginnings, Fertility,Stability, Inner Calm, Insights, Intuition, Meditation, Balance, Dreaming. Protects against psychic attacks. Known as "Sobriety Stone", Spiritual cleansing,Dispelling negativity.
Ametrine Healing, Intellect, Meditation, Removing negativity, Understanding
Angelite Protects, strengthens degenerate organs, excellent for creative people.
Apache Tear Grounding, Centering, Promoting Peace, Protection, Good Luck, Finding the Hidden, Concealment, Healing emotional wounds, Repel Negativity
Aqua Aura Cleanse Chakra, affinity with water, restore balance.
Aquamarine Psychic Powers, Cleansing, Purifying, Good Health, Accidents, Banish Fears, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, Happiness, Inspiration, Self-awareness, Imagination, Phobias, Thinking, Travel.
Aragonite Clarification, Concentration, Focus, Will power, Patience
Aventurine Creativity, Imagination, Prosperity, Business success, Intellect, Luck, Calm, Balance, Healing Emotions
Azurite Intuition, Personal Stress, Power, Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Psychic awareness.